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You know the dilemma. You need access to an old document and you need it now. Sometimes you get lucky and your search only takes a few minutes. Most of the time, locating old records can take hours or days—especially if the document has been misfiled or the request has to be made to a document warehouse facility.

The answer lies in easy access through converting your legacy information to electronic imagery.

NMT will provide efficient access to your archived electronic documents. We can digitize your paper or film documents and provide output, such as TIFF or PDF, that can be viewed with standard imaging tools. If you have specialized indexing requirements, we can help you. You save time, space and money.

NMT specializes in data access and information management. We offer our clients the convenience and economy of outsourcing while removing the overhead of capital expenditure and personnel costs associated with in-house scanning. For more information about our backfile conversion services, contact an NMT account representative today.

Benefits of NMT Corporation’s Backfile Conversion Service
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