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NMT’s FormsView™ automates inspection and other data acquisition tasks by integrating two of the major components of field automation—filling out forms and viewing graphical and textual facility data—into one package.

You can use FormsView as a standalone application or with NMT’s FAAR™ or PocketFAAR™ software. FormsView gives you the ability to zoom to and select a facility and display a list of facility-specific forms in the graphical interface.

Because FormsView communicates with FAAR and PocketFAAR, your forms can be “pre-populated” from your CIS or other ODBC-compliant databases reducing both data entry time and input errors.

Make the Day More Productive

You can identify and graphically pinpoint a number of facilities (such as transformers or poles) with incomplete inspection forms on the FAAR display to aid in locating and planning the day’s work. You can start FormsView and select an item to be inspected from a preloaded “to-do” list or create lists of items to be inspected by performing a simple query from within FAAR.


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Upon completion, your forms are stored in an industry-standard database. They may then be retrieved by querying on different fields for review or modification and may be exported to a central database.

Create your own forms using the included wizard. Each form is stored in XML, which provides great flexibility in both layout and data validation options. Form layout takes advantage of standard Windows controls such as check boxes, drop down lists and radio buttons, simplifying design and increasing data consistency. Existing forms can be easily duplicated, minimizing training time.

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